Advantages Of Buying A Corten Steel Fire Bowl

Corten steel fire bowl

If you love to spend time in outdoor like a yard, garden or patio, then buying a corten steel fire bowl can be a good idea. A fire bowl can give you many benefits to your property. The quality of a vuurschaal cortenstaal is something extraordinary that makes this product so amazing. In this article, we will look into detail about the corten steel fire pits. For more info or ideas for warming up your outdoor area with fire plate or bowl, you may just click the link given here.

Corten steel is an alloy that is made by adding phosphorus, copper, nickel, silicon, and chromium to the ordinary steel. The name Corten is derived from the combination of two words Corrosion-resistance (Cor) and Tensile Strength (Tensile).

Advantages Of Corten Steel

This alloy steel is highly corrosion resistance that it offers a long life than any other steel. Additionally, this metal demands minor maintenance. This is the reason why corten steel fire bowls have become a popular choice for various homeowners. These fire bowls can easily withstand weather and they offer more value for the money.

Corten steel is used making fire-trays, planters, garden fireplaces, and other stuff, which demand excellent durability and strength.

Currently, you can see many companies making Corten steel fire bowls in different sizes and models. A first-time shopper will have confusion in choosing the right one. Now we will give you some shopping tips.


Usually, the Corten steel fire bowl comes with a thickness of 3mm. Size of thickness can decide the durability of the bowl. Lesser thick product may not be able to withstand the weather and elements like the densely thick counterparts.


If you want to burn more stuff or for an extended time, then you may go with a bowl with a bigger diameter.

Protective Coating

Some Corten steel fire bowls are finished with an additional protective layering for enhanced durability.

Welded Stand

It is good to check whether the fire bowl that you want to buy has a welded stand and holes at the base. The stand allows the fire bowl to rest safely on the outdoor surface, while the holes facilitate easy drainage.

Style and Design

You should never ignore this aspect if you are very particular on enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Corten steel fire bowls come in various designs and styles to fit various themes.

Maintenance Free

We said already lightly emphasized about the maintenance part. We want to stress here now that Corten steel fire bowls are maintenance free.

Corten steel fire bowl is a great and cost-effective alternative to the big fireplaces, which are expensive and demands costly installation and maintenance. You can see easily see too many online and offline places selling these Corten steel fire bowls.

When shopping online, it is better to buy from a seller, who has a good reputation and experience. It is better to avoid buying DIY fire bowls as they cannot compete with the factory made counterparts.

Make sure to shop around and buy the first-quality product. Do check the reviews of the products before making your purchase decision.

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