Goodness Of Essential Oils In The Treatment Of Ringworm

Essential Oils for Treatment Of Ringworm

Ringworms affect people of all ages, and it is a common fungal infection which infects the skin or scalp of people. People do not rely completely on antifungal creams for getting rid of ringworm infection. They make use of certain home remedies that are effective against ringworm. Essential oils are amazing home remedies for the treatment of ringworm infection. You can make use of essential oils for ringworm treatment as it helps in soothing the symptoms caused due to it. Visit the link to know when you should visit a doctor for this type of fungal infection.

The use of over the counter medicines can get rid of ringworm infection but it results in various is side effects. The article below talks about the goodness of different essential oils for the treatment of ringworm. They help in preventing the growth of the fungi that cause the infection.

Lavender Oil
This aromatic essential oil is an excellent medicine for various skin related issues like acne, psoriasis, and fungal infections. It is a versatile oil and used as a cure for various health problems. The antifungal property of lavender oil makes it a better alternative medicine for treating the fungal infection called ringworm. The oil helps to ease out the pain of the red, scaly patches and pain due to itching. You can mix some few drops of lavender essential oil along with carrier oil before you apply to the infected area. Allow the mixture to dry so that it enters deep into the skin. You can experience good results when you apply it thrice a day for few weeks. You can also use this oil along with the water used for bathing.

Oregano Oil
This herb is mainly used in cooking. This essential oil is known for its antibacterial properties. You can make use of oregano oil for fighting against the microbes that cause ringworm infection. It is said that oregano oil can fight against fungal infections and you can notice changes within six hours of its application. Mix few drops of oregano essential oil along with a carrier oil and gently massage on the infected area. Do this for every five hours for three days, and you may witness notable changes.

Tea Tree Oil
It is a popular essential oil as it is known for its various health benefits. Terpenoid is the powerful antifungal agent present in the tea tree oil which fights against the fungi which cause ringworm infection. Mix few drops of tea tree oil along with a carrier oil to dilute the effects. For better results apply this mixture thrice daily.

Neem Oil
It is a traditional oil extract which was used in the past for treating various skin infections. Neem is known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. This makes it a perfect essential oil for treating the fungus infections. It helps to soothe effects of ringworm infection. You can mix this oil along with a carrier oil and use it topically on the infected area. Regular use of neem oil can clear up the infection in few days.

The above are the various essential oils that you can make use of for treating ringworm infection.

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