Here’s How To Find Out Low Testosterone In Women!

Low Testosterone In Women

Low testosterone is a common issue in males. But would this issue affect females? Definitely Yes! Testosterone is a hormone which is very significant for the functioning of the female body also. So if the level falls, then undoubtedly women also would experience symptoms. Have a look at the age wise normal testosterone levels chart by HealthGains. If the value is considerably below the normal level, then you may experience physical as well mental symptoms which would get worse over the time.

The articles about testosterone at throw light to the fact that if you are alert to the symptoms, then you would be able to get the issue treated easily in the beginning. Let’s have a look at the symptoms in detail!

Increase in weight
Most of the hormone imbalance issues would result in body weight increase. So, if you experience a sudden increase in your body weight along with lowered muscle strength and bone density, then low testosterone level may be the culprit. In other cases, you would be able to get rid of the excess weight by dieting or exercising. But if the underlying issue is low testosterone, then most often, it continues like a cycle in such a way that the extra fat in your body produces more estrogen which again lowers the testosterone level.

So, if you find a sudden increase in your body weight and it is not getting reduced after dieting and exercise, then it would wise to get your testosterone levels checked!

Tiredness and less energy
Your energy level and overall productivity would be affected negatively by low testosterone levels. It is natural to feel tired after intense physical activity; but if you feel tired and drained out all the time, even without doing anything, then you have to be cautious. Hormone levels imbalance may be the reason. Low testosterone level also interferes with your night sleep which would, in turn, worsen the fatigue problem.

Loss of hair
If you find hair loss in the form of patchiness or thinning, then you have enough reason to suspect low testosterone. In men, low testosterone is considered to be related to baldness and the case of women is also not different. Hair loss may be due to other reasons as well. So closely observe the hair loss pattern before jumping to a conclusion. Low testosterone may not just affect the hair in your head, but your whole body as well. So, if you notice that the hair density in your armpits or legs has reduced, then it is a clear symptom.

Mood changes, anxiety, concentration difficulty and less sexual interest
Low testosterone does not affect you just physically, but emotionally as well. Mood swings without any specific reason, depression, anxiety, finding it difficult to concentrate, decreased sexual interest are all problems associated with testosterone imbalance.

These issues are also common with age, so you must be careful about the intensity of the issues. If you suspect hormonal issues, it would be better to get your testosterone level checked. If it is low, then consult a good doctor soon!

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