What Is Suitable For You – Braces Or Invisalign

Having misaligned teeth may cause trouble in biting, eating, chewing and most of all on your facial appearance. Crooked or protruded teeth makes your smile look awkward and leads to inferiority complex or loss of confidence to move out in the public. Once you have decided to get this problem corrected, the next obvious question is to choosing the treatment option “Braces or Invisalign”. Your orthodontist can guide you through this by evaluating the complexity of the case like studying your jaw, bite and teeth. You can consider taking treatment of Invisalign in Richmond Hills, as they have a decent review in the dental community. As per the recent study by www.webmd.com, Invisalign has become the most popular and opted treatment option for teeth straightening.
To evaluate the reason behind Invisalign taking over the market by a wave, let us compare the two treatment options based on few parameters.

1. Appearance: Nowadays in braces, there is an option to have enamel colored brackets fitted on teeth, but the connecting wire is still metallic, usually silver which is prominently visible when one smiles. Whereas, Invisalign is an invisible plastic plate which slides onto the palate and is undetectable when been worn.
2. Duration of treatment: Brace must be worn 24/7 for at least two years. Invisalign has to be work for 22-24 hours a day, and you can see the results within 16-18 months depending upon the complexity of the case. An added advantage is, it can be conveniently taken out while eating.
3. Cost of the treatment: The cost of fitting braces ranges from $2000 to $6000, depending upon various choices of brackets, archwire etc. Invisalign although expensive costing around $5000, but worth an investment considering the comfort, treatment duration and convenience to wear.
5. Cleanliness and maintenance: Braces once fitted cannot be removed. Therefore, thorough brushing and cleaning up of brackets is necessary from the oral hygiene point of view. On the other hand, Invisalign can be removed while eating, reducing the chances of any food particle getting stuck I tooth cavities. Also, by dipping the plastic tray in lukewarm water, you can quickly clean up the aligner.
6. The process of treatment: Since Invisalign is a computerized treatment, you know even before putting it on that how long it will take for the aligner to reposition your teeth. This way you can plan it better. In case of braces, determining the treatment plan is tough. Based upon the improvement review by your orthodontist during your frequent visits, the line of future treatment can be decided.
7. Comfort: The primary parameter where Invisalign wins the race, is the comfort level of wearing it. Due to the material used, it does not create any irritation. On the other hand, braces usually have sharp and blunt edges which may sometime tire the tissues inside mouth and lips causing a lot of pain and constant discomfort.
Therefore, Invisalign is an excellent alternative to the traditional metal braces, but it would be wise to let your orthodontist decide it for you which one of them will be more helpful considering the complexity of your case.

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